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Things most of us are tired of (Vol. 2)

Last week, halfway through what was then intended to be a single column about things most of us are tired of, but struggling with brain cramps, I issued a plea for help on the Sun’s Facebook page. No one responded, at first, and I found a few more things I was tired of, wrote a few more lame jests, saved the document, etc, etc. Well, I should have asked for help earlier. Turns out, lots of folks are irked about lots of things. Here’s a selection of some of the most thought-provoking or funniest. In some cases, only a portion of the writer’s post is used, which is indicated by ellipses at the end of the sentence. MT: “That strange, contagious kind of loneliness that comes from seeing suspicious, vague threats where there used to be only a natural mix of friendly, difficult, or helpful neighbors. …” SG: “Tired of how incredibly spoiled we are as Americans....we think bad things won’t happen to us.... we are the laughing stock of the world. Because you know.... we can do whatever we want....no consequences....(sarcasm) …” AB: “I’m just tired. I’m tired of people who care about no one except themselves. I’m tired of people dying because people care about no one but themselves. …” PM: “The true colors of the rainbows coming out through this storm. Disheartening at best. #Love thy Woodford County neighbors.” DS: “People that complain all day on Facebook, but won’t run for office, won’t join an organization to bring change, won’t support people trying to better their community or this nation. Just call them ‘keyboard trolls.’” AM: “I’m tired of everything being political. We are humans beneath the ‘political party’ that one is in. We need to work on how we disagree with others, people need to be more respectful. …” PB: “All the negative comments about our policemen (there is always going to be bad ones) but I believe that the good ones outweigh the bad ones. …” BS: “People not being able to speak to each other. Only through a mask and can’t understand them. Tired of people being scared they will die if they don’t wear a mask. …” AW: “Windows updates shutting down my PCs randomly. …” (AW listed nine things he was tired of, then, a few minutes later, updated his first:) “I wrote that while my computer was restarting, from updates. Still waiting to get on the VPN.” BR: “I’m tired of all the unrequested seeds I get in the mail. So many seeds.” JH: “People who act like they are above the Covid threat, who have never seen a ventilator.” LS: “I’m tired of government letting these protestors destroy people’s property and injuring innocent people. Plus I’m sure that Covid-19 is loving the togetherness of them all. Crazy.” MK: “I’m so tired of people thinking Covid is a conspiracy and is just like the flu. I am so sick of them.” ER: “Tired of people being vicious to each other because they have different opinions.” BB: “I am tired of all those in the media that without all the facts in spout what they think happened, is going to happen, or how and why it happened. Why oh why not wait on the actual facts to share! Please!!!” HS: “I’m fed up of those who disrespect or try to hurt any person or property!” SW: “Tired of my days consisting of going from my bedroom to my living room then back to my bedroom again.” RH: “Tired of construction in Versailles.” RM: “I’m tired of people not doing what’s right. Instead, they do what’s popular.” JO: “The virus being so political!” MP: “Tired of all the hate, malicious remarks and complaining.” KB: “’Karen’ jokes.” JS: “Conspiracy theories and theorists.” KM, via email: “Businesses that are doing the right thing being penalized because of the rotten selfish people of Kentucky. …” And my favorite: TW: “I’m tired of having to buy my underwear at Kroger’s.” To all those who contributed, my heartfelt thanks. I’ll be back next week with all-new material, and that’s a threat. Be safe out there, y’all.

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