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Left behind by Covid-19

In the world of animal rescue, it’s always true that some pets find homes quickly, and others wait a bit longer. And there are always a few that wait an unusually long time for homes. But right now, because of our adoption by appointment procedures in the wake of the pandemic, it’s painfully obvious which pets just can’t seem to find a home. As puppies and kittens are snatched up and removed from our online pet listing each day, a handful of faces are always there – no appointments, no visitors. Still waiting. We’re hoping this will bring a little bit of the spotlight to those patient pets. Pax is a 2-and-half-year-old border collie mix who has spent 620 days at Woodford Humane. He’s energetic and smart – but nervous when he meets new people, especially men. As you might imagine, that makes it hard to charm his way into a home on first impression. Pax needs a low-key home with no cats or kids, and lots of energy and learning new tricks. If you’re willing to share your heart with him even though it may take him a little bit longer to fully share his heart with you, that patience will pay off. Rachel is a 7-and-half-year old short-haired brown tabby with little white paws who has spent 587 days at Woodford Humane. You’ve heard of Grumpy Cat? Well, Rachel is a bit of a grump. She can be very affectionate, but everything she does is on her own terms. She’s looking for someone who loves and understand cats – and understands that sometimes the best way to love Rachel is from a distance. Damien is a 3 year old, devastatingly handsome blue nose pit bull who has spent 410 days at Woodford Humane. He’s a big, strong boy who loves every person he meets, but needs to be the only child in his home. Damien is athletic and needs someone who will provide plenty of walks, runs, and playtime in addition to, of course, plenty of snuggles. His play style can be rough and rowdy – so a home without kids would suit him best. Frye is a petite 8-and-half-year old torbie (tortoiseshell/tabby) short-haired kitty who has spent 523 days at Woodford Humane. She is sweet and affectionate, but undemanding – and we think that fact is why she hasn’t yet been adopted. Frye doesn’t care for the company of other cats, but is always excited to get a little love from a friendly human. At 8 years old, she would be a great fit for someone who is looking for a low-key, chilled out feline companion for snuggles at the end of a workday. Donatello is a 2-and-half year old black and white pit bull mix who, like Damien, is looking for an “only child” home. He has spent 487 days at Woodford Humane. He’s rambunctious and high energy, especially when it’s time to play – so anyone who takes him home better be ready to stay active! Donatello enjoys people of all ages, but his play style is too rough for kids. He’s a diamond in the rough: a total goofball who will thrive on the full-time attention that comes with a home. If any of these pets speak to you, give us a call at 859-873-5491 to find out more. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have – and, hopefully, to schedule an adoption appointment or two.

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