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October 5, 1899… Congressman Ollie James followed former Gov. Brown on the stump at Russellville and charged that Brown was for Goebel against Hardin and Stone at the Democratic convention, and after Goebel got the nomination Brown changed sides and is now campaigning against Goebel and offering himself as an alternative. Mr. James suggested that Brown’s sympathy for Hardin now did not exist in 1895 when Hardin was the nominee and lost to Bradley, the Republican, in the race for governor of Kentucky. The young Italian electrician, Guglielmo Marconi, 26, the inventor of transmitting messages without wires, plans a visit to the U.S. soon. Col. John Sobieski, who is living unpretentiously in Neosho, Missouri, is the sixth lineal descendant of King Sobieski of Poland, the hero who became Christianity’s champion when the Mohammedans were at the gates of Vienna. The Colonel worked his passage to New York at the age of 12, served in the Civil War and got his present rank in the Mexican Army. His father led the revolt of 1846. Philadelphia can boast of the longest asphalt street in the world, Broad Street has that unique distinction. In addition to the above claim, it is also the only street which is of even width for 11 miles, and this width is the greatest ever attained by any street for a course of 11 miles. It is also the straightest street, because from League Island to the county line it does not vary an inch, except once. Perhaps the biggest parade in history welcomed Admiral Dewey, Admiral Schley and others in the city of New York on Saturday. Fifty thousand marched and millions watched as the war heroes were cheered. The vitriolic campaign against Goebel reached an interesting point last week when one of the men bolting the Democratic nominee said that he was against Goebel because he mistreated his wife. When told that Goebel was a bachelor, the man said he would mistreat a wife if he had one. September temperatures ranged from 103 down to 32, a difference of 71 degrees, within three weeks. Midway area tobacco was about all in before the frost on Sept. 29. Starks & Company have added a candy department to their store. A petition was presented to the Secretary of State Monday by the Democratic faction supporting former Gov. John Young Brown, seeking a place on the November ballot under the name “Honest Election Democratic Ticket.” The petition contained 3,115 names, with about two-thirds of the signers being registered Republicans. Gov. Bradley on Saturday extended clemency in the case of Dr. W.T. Davis of Woodford County, the oldest and most notable prisoner confined in the state penitentiary. Dr. Davis was serving a life sentence for complicity in the famous Munday murder committed in January of 1883. He had been confined in prison for 15 years. Twenty such petitions for pardon had been rejected by former governors, including Gov. Bradley. The pardon was recommended by the prison physician as Davis, now past 70, is broken in health and appears to have little time left. He was released to his sister, Mrs. Sarah Duncan of Harrodsburg. Lowry Munday, father-in-law of Davis, died suddenly Jan. 7, 1883, at his home at Munday’s Landing, Woodford County. Dr. Davis was at his bedside when he died. He was buried three days later. Ten days later an insurance man arrived on the scene, his company having insured Munday for $10,000. The agent had the body exhumed and the stomach sent to Harrodsburg for analysis. A large dose of un­assimilated morphine was found therein and warrants were issued for Mrs. Munday (Lucretia) and Dr. Davis. After two trials Dr. Davis was found guilty of being an accessory and sent to prison for life. The Court of Appeals affirmed the decision. Mrs. Munday was tried in Lexington after a postponement and was acquitted. Her daughter, Mrs. Davis, secured a divorce some years later and was married again to Phil Thompson Sr. of Harrodsburg. October 6, 1921… The Rev. George Washington Kemper, former pastor of the Midway Christian Church, died Saturday in Memphis, Tenn. He was 51. His first pastorate was in Midway, where he remained for 10 years. He left here about 12 years ago. Mr. and Mrs. Everett Graves and family have moved from the cottage belonging to Henry Thomas on Higgins Street to the cottage owned by Emma Parker, recently vacated by L.R. Fugett, on the same street. Mrs. Ed Stevens and children have moved to the cottage on Higgins Street from which the Everett Graves family moved. George Breeden and daughter have moved from Cogartown to the rooms over J.D. Hopkins’ storeroom. Mr. and Mrs. Porter Hammond and daughter moved from the Rau flat on Tuesday to the Fogle property on Railroad Street. A petition is being circulated with the following names for city offices in Midway: mayor, R.C. Richardson; police judge, Richard Godson; councilmen, L.F. Sutherland, R.W. Lacefield, W.G. Lehman, Vernon Sutton, John T. Gatrell and George H. Wise. Midway defeated Richmond (Madison) High 13-0 on Friday. After consistent gains by Faust, Parrish and Portwood, Littrell went 7 yards for a touchdown and McKinney failed by three inches to make the extra point. In addition to the backs, players included Strausbaugh and Kearney at tackles, Penn and McKinney at ends, Campbell and Roberts at guards, Lynn at center and Green as substitute back. New pupils at Midway High include Ward Corum, Carl Cook, Kenney Ewing, Martha Ewing, Clarence Campbell, Margaret Faust, Fred Faust, and two who have returned after an absence, Frances and Edith Campbell. John G. Brown and Frank L. Walter are listed officially as owners of the Clipper. Each week there is a news item about some car overturning or running into another car in the Versailles and Midway areas. William Railey, of Versailles, florist, was married Saturday at the home of Sen. Camden to Miss Ray Claxton, music teacher at the city schools. Paris Rossi, formerly a citizen of Italy, received naturalization papers recently. He has lived in Versailles for about 10 years. Z.K. Howard, 65, died Friday of double pneumonia and rheumatism. He leaves three sons, Hugh, Fred, and Marion. The Rev. E.C. Lacey has resigned from the Christian church in Versailles after about four years here. Gus Whitehouse and D.W. Slaughter have entered the race for Versailles police judge, bringing to four the number of candidates.

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