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October 12, 1899… Admiral Dewey, without question the principal hero of the nation, was born at Montpelier, Vermont, the day after Christmas in 1837. He graduated fifth in his class at the Naval Academy in 1858; took part in the capture of New Orleans under Farragut. After many assignments, he was put in command of the Dolphin in 1884 and made a captain. He was promoted to Commodore in 1896. The first Dewey, Thomas Dewey, landed at Boston in 1633. The stores of ice at Windsor, Osborne and Balmoral Castles are very large. At Windsor, there is a storage room for about 500 tons. There the supply is obtained from the lake beneath the north terrace, from Frogmore and Virginia Water. Ice is not only lavishly used in the royal kitchen, but also for reducing the temperature of her majesty’s apartments in hot weather. Then it is packed in pretty wooden buckets and stood in the fireplaces. An ultimatum has been sent to Great Britain by the Transvaal government demanding the immediate withdrawal of British troops from the frontier and all other positions threatening the Boer country. Great Britain is expected to pay no attention to the ultimatum and an early beginning of hostilities is expected. The war spirit is rampant all through England. The South African Republic, familiarly known as the Transvaal, is not a colony of Great Britain, like Natal or Cape Colony. The Boers elect their president, govern their own country, and do not allow themselves to be called subjects of the Queen. John G. Carlisle, late of Kentucky but now of Wall Street, was duped into writing an attack on William Goebel when the Louisville Post sent him an imaginary statement in which Goebel was made to say that Carlisle was a liar. Goebel answered Carlisle by saying that the enmity between the two goes back to 1896 when the Kenton County vote was cast for J.C.S. Blackburn for president at the Democratic Convention, rather than for Carlisle. Goebel said he also gave money to Bryan, rather than McKinley, and angered Carlisle for that reason. Hon. and Mrs. H.L. Martin left Monday for New Orleans, where they will spend the winter. There are nine cases of typhoid fever at the Bible College in Lexington. Impure water from an old cistern is believed to be the cause. Mayor Winn has issued a proclamation for election of councilmen for Midway Nov. 7. Six councilmen are to be elected to serve two years. Woodford Republicans nominated Squire W.L. Cannon to run for state representative against incumbent German B. Stout, Democrat. Mr. Cannon is a former Gold Democrat and has served efficiently as a member of Fiscal Court. Owing to the failure to sell the required number of tickets, the lecture course contemplated for Midway has been abandoned. Walter Lewis, of Woodlake, Franklin County, was married Thursday to Miss Elodie Helm, daughter of the late General Ben Hardin Helm, of the Orphan Brigade. Miss Helm’s mother was Miss Emily Todd, of Lexington. Mr. Lewis is the son of the late Rev. Dr. Cadwallader Lewis. Miss Helm’s cousin, Robert Todd Lincoln of Chicago, made the bride a gift of a point lace fan. John Wise is building a 36-foot addition to the rear of his storeroom, and when the work is done, he will have a room 115 feet in length. Since gold was discovered at Cripple Creek, Colorado, in 1891 the production has been valued at $62,057,292. Leon Zolotkoff, Chicago member of the Knights of Zion, declared that Palestine would soon be owned and settled by Jews, and that the colonists would possess a government of their own under the protection and suzerainty of the Sultan of Turkey. A stock company has already raised $10,000,000 for the venture. The Jewish Colonial Trust of London will sell as many shares as necessary to raise the money needed for the undertaking. The Czar of Russia will be asked to use his influence to help persuade the Sultan. October 13, 1921… The services of Miss Isabel Allabach have been secured as County Home Demonstration agent, and she will be located in the county Red Cross office at Versailles. The Midway football team starters include Claude Lynn, Cecil Strausbaugh, G.T. McKinney Jr., Roland Faust, Clarence Campbell, Wade Littrell, Alfred Portwood, Roger Kearney, James Parrish, Robert Roberts and Lyman Penn. Fiscal Court Saturday elected Dr. J. Allen Keeper of the Alms House at $300, A.N. Razor was elected Receiver at $150 and Dr. J.M. Hackley as physician at $50. All salaries per annum. Over Judge Mulcahy’s objection, Fiscal Court annulled a measure to reduce the county judge’s salary from $1,000 to $600 and voted to return it to the higher figure. Esqs. Carpenter and Hieatt advocated the move back to a higher salary. The largest attendance for an outdoor game in Midway witnessed the Midway football team defeat Versailles High 27-0, as Roland Faust scored four touchdowns. McKinney ran across for three extra points. Black clouds and threatening weather prevailed. Next game is against Shelbyville. Mr. J.E. Mitchell and family have moved into their recently purchased home known as the Steele property. Mr. and Mrs. W.E. Simms will entertain for 30 guests Saturday night, the occasion being their 20th wedding anniversary. Mr. and Mrs. William Campbell and family moved Tuesday from the farm of Lawrence Davis to the Hill cottage on the Versailles Pike, near the city school. Registration last week in Versailles was Democrats 577, Republicans 378, Independents 18. The total is 204 short of the 1920 figure. A petition with 850 signatures of voters was to be presented to city council Tuesday night but Mayor Taylor remained away from the meeting. The council adjourned until Oct. 11. The question is putting on the November ballot a bond issue sufficient to complete the water works. The petitioners are in favor and Mayor Taylor is against. Mrs. John C. Dawson has been elected County Truant Officer, board secretary and supply teacher. Circuit Judge Robert L. Stout is now at Dawson Springs and is not improving as was hoped for. The society event of the week was the marriage of Miss Phyllis Ryley, daughter of Claude L. Ryley, and Waller Spencer Squires, of Lexington, which took place at high noon Saturday at the Presbyterian Church, the Rev. E.C. Lynch officiating.

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