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Clippings from the Blue Grass Clipper

October 19, 1899… A poplar tree containing over 400 gallons of honey, 12 squirrels, 11 snakes and two coons was recently felled in DeKalb County, Tennessee. Attorney General Taylor, GOP nominee for governor, was accused of having his laundry done at state expense and of advising the clerk of the penitentiary to falsify his records. A strong-minded female suffragist from this country undertook to convert Emperor William of Germany to her views. He listened politely but answered that he agreed with his wife that women had no business to interfere with anything outside of children, church, kitchen and dress. Admiral Dewey’s salary amounts to $37.50 a day. President McKinley’s is equal to $131 a day; cabinet officers, the vice president and speaker of the house get $22.22 a day; senators and congressmen $13.90, and the chief justice of the supreme court $29 a day. Men exposed to the rigors of the Alaskan winter never wear mustaches. They wear full beards to protect the throat and face, but keep the upper lip clean shaven. The moisture from the breath congeals so quickly that a mustache becomes embedded in a solid cake of ice and the face is frozen in a short time. With the Goebel-Taylor election just two weeks away, voters are reminded by the Clipper of the 1896 statewide figures: for president, McKinley (Republican) 218,171; Bryan (Dem.) 217,890; Palmer, 5,019; Levering, 4,781 for total of 445,861. For governor, William 0. Bradley (Republican) 172,436; Parker Watkins Hardin (Dem.)163,524; Pettit, 16,911; Demare, 4,186 for total of 357,057. Dr. W.H. Moore has removed to Lexington, where he will continue the practice of dentistry. The Georgetown Times said that Hon. William Jennings Bryan whisked through Midway just as if it was not on the map, but stopped at Frankfort, Versailles and Lexington. The Clipper explains that there had been no arrangement for him to stop in Midway, that rain was pouring in torrents when he did transfer to Versailles, and that nearly all of the Midway people had gone to Versailles to hear him there anyway. Despite the rain, an immense crowd was on hand at the Southern Depot in Versailles on Oct. 17 to hear Bryan speak. It was decided to have the speaking in the Courthouse and the crowd rushed pell-mell to get seats. Some 700 crowded in and gave close attention to the speakers. Capt. Jo Blackburn introduced Mr. Bryan, who spoke for about 20 minutes and was frequently interrupted by applause. Bryan urged the election of Goebel for governor and the return of Blackburn to the U.S. Senate. Goebel followed Bryan with a brief speech. Bryan’s arrival in Midway was identical to 1896, when weather conditions were such that any attempt at a speech was out of the question. He was transferred from one depot to the other as quickly as possible and his special rolled away to Versailles. Experts predict that the coming conflict in South Africa will pit about 25,000 British troops against about 30,000 Boers and another 18,000 from the Orange Free State. October 20, 1921… Members of the Midway Baptist Church have issued a call to the Rev. R.C. Gresham of South Carolina. He is a close friend of the former pastor, Dr. E.F. McConnaha. Twenty dollars in gold will be awarded to the writer of the best essay with the title “Why Father Should Sign the Tobacco Contract.” Midway High tied Shelbyville 7-7. The visitors scored in the first quarter and Midway tied it up in the third on a touchdown run by Faust around left end. The extra point was kicked. Portwood made an important interception and Littrell scooped up a fumble for a big gain. Eminence is the foe next week. The usual 11 played, with H. Portwood also getting into this game. When the open hunting season comes Nov. 15, Woodford nimrods will find the hunting unusually good. It is said that rabbit and quail are more plentiful than in any year during the past 10 years. The past mild winter is supposed to have been favorable to game, as the young were not killed by excessive cold, or starved by heavy snows that prevented them from obtaining food. James F. Carroll of Lexington and Fred M. Carroll of Versailles will soon open a shoe store and gents furnishing house in the room in the Miller Block formerly occupied by Baker’s Barbershop on Main Street. The Baker Shop has been consolidated with the Carroll & McCammish Shop in the new Woodford Hotel building. A petition seeks to add the names for Versailles school board for the enlarged school district of W.A. Cox, J.B. Boston, A.C. Hunter, Dr. Herbert Newman, R.S. Berryman and S.C. Nuckols Jr. Thomas P. White sold to Joe Littrell a house and lot on Douglas Avenue in Versailles for $1,800. Mrs. Louise McConnell sold to Mrs. Logan T. Davis a small lot on High Street in Versailles.


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