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Clippings from the Blue Grass Clipper

February 28, 1901…Mrs. Carrie Nation, tiring of jail life, has written Judge Hazen the following, “I want you to quit your fooling and let me out of here. If you cause me to miss my engagements, I will feel like a ministering angel unto you. It is time for you to recover yourself before the devil, your master, makes a clean sweep with you into hell. You know you are persecuting one of God’s children who loves you for Jesus’ sake. Let me out that I may go about my business of saving such poor devils as you. Write, or come to see me right off.” The judge has also received letters from many other women which threaten him with tar and feathers, and one threatens to raise the greatest army of women the world has ever known “and wipe man out of existence. It is our intention to begin with you.” R.G. Crutcher and family have moved to the old Gratz farm, near Spring Station. They previously lived on the Preston Williams place on the Clifton Pike, recently bought by Isaac and Robert Wilson and their mother, Mrs. N.N. Wilson. Dr. Thomas R. Welch of Nicholasville will not be a candidate for reelection to the state Senate, thus leaving the field to J. Campbell Cantrill. A Washington dispatch says Senator-elect J.C.S. Blackburn and Miss Corinne Blackburn are spending the winter at the Normandie. Miss Blackburn is in mourning and goes nowhere. I always thought her one of the most graceful women I had ever met and in spite of the fact that she is not well, she looks like a pretty white flower in her gowns of somber black. A few persons filled their icehouses Saturday. The ice was about two inches thick. The thermometer got down to 10 degrees the same day, making it the coldest of the season. Lotawana Tribe No. 64 of the Improved Order of Red Men was instituted at the Midway Masonic Temple last Thursday evening. Twenty young Midway businessmen were inducted into the tribe. The tribe here was organized by John M. Clifford, Deputy State Organizer, and F.M. Jones, State Organizer, conducted the institution proceedings. Officers for the first six months are Ralph Greenbaum, Sachem; G.E. Clark, I.N. Biddle, S.L. Gatrell, Gragg Williams, C. McAnley and A.J. Sacra. The Blue Grass Rapid Transit Company proposes, in its articles filed yesterday, to furnish transportation, light and power along the routes and in the cities of Georgetown, Midway, Versailles, Paris, Nicholasville, Richmond and Winchester upon their routes to and from Lexington. $30,000 capital stock, which may be increased to $1,000,000, is being put up by John R. Allen, M.C. Alford, C.J. Bronston, F.A. Bullock, David Bennett, Desha Breckinridge, R.L. B,aker, L.G.Cox, D.F. Frazee, H.P. Headley and W.J. Loughridge. The room in the Odd Fellows building formerly occupied by Nave and Arnett is being fixed up for the Blue Grass Grocery Company. The merchants of Midway do not take kindly to the proposed electric road between this city and Lexington. They do not want the facilities for outside shopping increased. Richard Godson has replaced the old wooden steps leading to his office over the Farmers Bank with substantial iron ones. Arion, the noted trotting stallion, arrived at Glenartney Farm this week, where he will be placed in stud. March 2, 1922… Lexington tobacco market averages to date are $21.47 on the hundred pounds. The Lexington-Midway Bus Line has its headquarters at Reid’s Drug Store. Mr. and Mrs. A.J. Devers moved from the Claude Featherston place to Lawrence Davis’ place on the Versailles Pike. John Keith and family have moved to the Featherston place on the Georgetown Pike. Miss Jennie Ford has resumed her duties as operator of the Fayette Telephone office. Mrs. Annie Donovan, who has kept the hotel on Winter Street for a number of years, has moved same to the McKinney building on the corner of Railroad and Winter streets. Mrs. James W. Parker has moved from the R.W. Hicks farm to her property on Winter Street, formerly occupied by Mrs. Annie Donovan, and will operate a hotel to be known as the Parker House. Mrs. E.M. Childers and family moved to the cottage on Higgins Street recently occupied by Tom Duffy and family on Monday; Mr. Duffy having moved to the Wheeler cottage on Turner Street. Mr. and Mrs. Louis Young have moved from the Lyon’s cottage on Railroad Street to the cottage of Mrs. E. Hofman on Higgins Street. J. Andrew Cain sold to Gentry McCauley in Versailles the old Hope Mills and warehouse property on Green Street for $9,500. The home of J. Gay Hanna on the Dry Ridge Pike, occupied by Robert Soper, was destroyed by fire Sunday with loss about $5,000. The Rev. Dr. E.L. Edens has accepted a call to the pastorate of the Baptist church in Versailles. He is from Alabama. Howard M. Sellers bought at auction the 136-1/2 acre farm of J.T. Cassity, two miles out on the Nicholasville Pike, for $225 an acre. Early Thursday morning a small cyclone with rain and hail visited the city and vicinity. Damage was slight.

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