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Clippings from the Blue Grass Clipper

March 21, 1901… Benjamin Harrison, 23rd President, son of John Scott Harrison who was third son of President William Henry Harrison, was born at North Bend, Ohio, 15 miles southwest of Cincinnati in 1833. He was buried Sunday afternoon in Crown Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis. Greenbaum’s Distiller will make its last mash of the season this week. Mrs. W.M. Shipp, wife of the cashier of the defunct Deposit Bank of Midway, died in Louisville Wednesday. H.C. Poynter and family have rented the residence of P.P. Parrish on Winter Street. The Clipper editors suggest that the citizens of Midway apply to Mr. Andrew Carnegie for money for a local library. They point out that he is giving away huge sums for such purposes and has not confined his giving to any particular part of the country. The Lexington papers have announced that plans for the so-called InterUrban Company have been perfected and roads will be built promptly to Georgetown and Versailles, with grades of no worse than 4 percent to the former and 6 percent to the latter, with little bridging difficulty. The electric railway circuit seems set. Mrs. J.W. Parker has rented the handsome residence of Mrs. A.W. Stanhope on Gratz Street and will open a large boarding house. Mrs. Stanhope will occupy the property of Mrs. Owsley Stanhope adjoining. L.M. Epstein has moved his stock of goods to the room formerly occupied by the Blue Grass Grocery, where he has opened out one of the largest and most complete lines of dry goods ever in Midway. March 23, 1922… Editor writes about conversion of former athletes and says Billy Sunday left baseball to become an evangelist; Al Jennings left train robbing and the penitentiary to become an evangelist; and now James J. Jeffries is thinking of becoming an evangelist since he is no longer a boxer. The Citizens Bank of Midway shows resources of $344 323.97 and deposits of $248,424.25. H.L. Martin is president and M.D. Offutt is cashier. Commercial Bank of Midway shows resources of $280,088.91 and deposits of $217,517.89. J.W. Parrish is president and Edna Hicks is cashier. The editor and his wife, daughter and mother-in-law are living in the brick house of Richard Fogle on Railroad Street. Sam Godhelff of Lexington has opened a gents’ furnishing store in the Jones building on Railroad Street. Mrs. Irvin Railey of Versailles has let the contract for her new dwelling to be erected on Childers Terrace. Watson M. Jesse and family, of Versailles, who have been living at Ashmore Place on North Main Street, have moved their dairy to the farm of William Cleveland on the Lexington Pike.

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