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April 11, 1901… In Versailles, work is progressing rapidly on the

addition to the Dean Hotel. The dining room will be enlarged and quite a

number of rooms added.

Fiscal Court laid the county levy for the current year at 36 cents, as

follows: 7 cents for general purposes; 23 cents for turnpike purposes;

and 6 cents for bonded debt fund. Poll tax was fixed at $1.50.

Mrs. B.A. Owsley has improved her residence on Winter Street by the

addition of a new veranda.

The city council Tuesday increased the salaries of Misses Alice Baxter

and Mattie Hughes, teachers in the public school, to $40 per month.

A lodge of “Buffaloes” was organized at this place Saturday.

James Starks received his diploma of graduation from the College of

Pharmacy at Louisville last week.

Richard H. Davenport of Midway is probably entitled to the distinction

of being the oldest Sunday school scholar in longevity of service, if

not also in age, in the land. At 90 years of age and so badly crippled

that it is necessary for him to walk with crutches, Mr. Davenport is a

regular attendant at the Sunday school of the Christian church in this

city. His interest in Sabbath schools began 83 or 84 years ago when he

joined the juvenile class in the Presbyterian School at Walnut Hills, in

Fayette County. From that day to this he has seldom been absent a single

Sunday. He has sometimes served as teacher. He had the distinction of

instilling primary Biblical knowledge into the mind of Mrs. Carrie

Nation when, as little Carrie Moore, she was the prize pupil of the

Midway Christian Church Sunday school in 1856 and 1857.

There continues to be unmistakable evidence that whiskey is being sold

in Midway every Sunday. It seems almost impossible to stop the sale of

it on that day. As we have before said, we believe a good way to stop it

would be to require the saloons to keep their blinds up on that day.

This plan is in operation in other places and, we learn, works admirably.

We wish to call the attention of the city council to the condition of

some of the plank bridges over the culverts on some of the streets,

particularly those along the railroad, and the one on Bruen Street near

the Christian church. They are in a dangerous condition and should be

fixed at once. Someone is liable to fall through and break a limb, then

the city will have a damage suit on its hands.

April 13, 1922... Mrs. Susan Evelyn Mason, widow of Riley Mason, died n

Monday at age 76. She had moved to Midway about 34 years ago.

The Amusu Company picture show and poolroom were sold at auction last

Saturday to George J.W. Meckler for $6,100 and he immediately sold the

property to J.W. Parrish for $6,300. Mr. Parrish plans to continue the

picture show, but will close the poolroom and fix the place up for a


Col. J.C. Durrett, who has been wintering in Florida, came home to find

his basement broken into and his entire stock of whiskey gone. The loss

is great as the whiskey had been purchased before prohibition and cannot

now be replaced.

In Versailles, Mrs. John H. Edger, county jailer, fell down the steps at

her home and badly injured her left ankle.

Mrs. A.M. Edwards sold the 94-acre Steele Pike farm for $155 per acre,

which she bought recently for $149 an acre.

W.M. Reed bought 50 acres on McCowan’s Ferry Pike from P. Howard Harris.

G. Richard Bohannon, 70, died Tuesday night of pneumonia. Services were

conducted from his residence on Camden Avenue in Versailles. He leaves a

son, a daughter, three brothers and a sister.

Mrs. James Harris bought from Mack White seven acres on the Frankfort

Pike for $2,000.

George W. Searcy bought from Emmett Griffey 77 acres on the Shryock’s

Ferry Pike.

Miss Mary Allen Stout of Webster College, Ohio, is spending the spring

vacation at Glen Lake Stock Farm with her parents.

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