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Clippings from the Blue Grass Clipper

April 18, 1901… Hicks, Anderson, Sleet and Parrish are apparently now

the Midway doctors in practice.

Mrs. Carrie Nation was arrested in Kansas City, Mo. Sunday night on a

charge of obstructing the street, this brought about by some thousand

men and boys following her as she visited and lectured the various

saloon keepers. She was released on bond of $6.

Ex-Governor W.S. Taylor, now in exile at Indianapolis, may be returned

to testify at the reopening of a hearing on the assassination of Gov.

Goebel. The Clipper has always believed that Taylor was the instigator

of the plot, which resulted in William Goebel’s death, and the evidence

given in the Ripley trial last week by Gov. Bradley and Yost but

confirms that belief. As sure as there is a God in Heaven, William

Sylvester Taylor knew beforehand every detail of that foul murder and

was its moving spirit. Surely the governor of Indiana cannot further

protect this convicted assassin.

There are 14 members in the graduating class at the Orphan School this year.

Midway School, with less than 100 pupils in the graded school, will send

the following students to Lancaster to compete in the spelling

tournament: Elsie Weisenberger, Sarah Epstein, Louise Martin, Jesse

Sacra, Ed Cropper, Seeley Combs, Mal Martin, Verna Childers, Finley

Hopkins, Louis Ezell, Sallie McMullen, James Cogar, Pearl Parker, Susan

Mitchell, Robert McMullen, Bessie Baird, Milton Davis, Kittie McMullen,

Sherman Price, Willie Hall Hawkins, Raymond Campbell, Manir Wallace,

Archie Childers, John Cannon, and coached by Prof. Williams.

About 25 members are making up the new lodge of Buffaloes at Midway.

Last Wednesday night fire destroyed the residence of Mrs. B.S. Branham

on Higgins Street and partially destroyed the house of Mrs. Sallie Branham

John Wise has just let the contract for a handsome two-story residence

to be erected on his lot on the corner of Winter and Stevens streets.

When completed, it will be one of the handsomest and most convenient in

the city.

M. Simpson & Co. of Midway made a remarkable find last Tuesday. While

butchering a beef, they found a silver dime of the issue of 1860 in its

maw. The dime was in a perfect state of preservation.

April 20, 1922… A play, “Much Ado About Betty,’’ will be presented at

the high school auditorium on April 24. Appearing in the play will be

George Rouse Jr., John E. Withrow, John B. Wehrle, Lee B. Osborne,

Colvin P. Rouse, Sid J. Anderson Jr., Sherman Hancock, Ed E. Offutt,

Lucy Peterson, Honeywood Parrish, Katherine Davis, Molly Powell, Mrs.

A.B. Arnett, Elizabeth Lehman, Mrs. Margaret Haley, Ruth Clarke Gatrell,

Mary Katherine Wilson and Agnes Owsley.

The Christian church has secured for its pastor E.B. Kemm of Brooklyn, N.Y.

Omer Graves, 32, prominent farmer who lived about two miles from Midway,

was killed by lightning last Friday morning.

The Garden Club Wednesday planted a Pin Oak tree on the Y.M.C.B. grounds

as a memorial to the late Lucas Brodhead.

Miss Mary Allen Stout returned to Western College at Oxford, Ohio and

Miss Susan Stout to Georgetown College after visiting their parents.

Mrs. Annie Van Sant sold to W.S. Pooler a house and lot in Woodland

Place in Versailles for $2,000.

Mrs. R.D. Parrish came near being killed and was only saved by a miracle

Tuesday night. Her car front had halted on the railroad track, near

Spring Station, when a freight train came rapidly by, pushing her auto

straight up the railroad, every car in the train rubbing against the

side of the auto, and yet the windshield was not broken or Mrs. Parrish


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