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Clippings from the Blue Grass Clipper

April 25, 1901... The Little town of Tyrone on the Kentucky River

is almost submerged in water and the inhabitants have deserted their

home. The river has reached the highest point ever known.

Mrs. Mary Breckinridge, widow of the late Gen. John C. Breckinridge, has

been granted a pension of $8 per month and back pay of $1,350. Gen.

Breckinridge distinguished himself in the Mexican War and it is in

recognition of his services then that the pension has been granted.

The old Kentucky River is on a boom. Back water is up to Old Crow

Distillery in Millville at this time and still coming.

The Fayette Telephone Co. is putting up poles this week on the Midway

and Mortonsville Pikes.

Master Comm. R.L. Stout sold part of the Harry Craig farm near Cicero,

about 200 acres, to Isham Railey for $696 and the one-third interest of

John L. Craig in the remainder of the farm for $201.

William Wolfe, who quit business in Versailles 16 years ago to move to

Wyoming, was in town for a visit this week.

G.S. Ryder, who has been in the tin and stove business in Versailles for

the past 15 years, moves to West Virginia this week.

New game laws for Kentucky - Plain citizens may be shot from Jan. 1 to

Dec. 31. Senators, governors and members of Congress may be shot during

any political campaign or within 60 days thereafter. Hunters in search

of this game are allowed to use a stuffed club or a butcher knife. If

any man is caught drinking water, it is a sign he is no gentleman, sah,

and may be executed with whatever weapon is nearest at hand. Colonels

may be shot with impunity at any time, while a squirrel gun is

recommended for majors and captains. No man shall be allowed to kill in

excess of six persons a day. In cases of honor, this number may be

increased to 103. Every citizen who does not tote the remains of his

victims from public sight within 48 hours from the time the first volley

was fired, will be fined one (D) gallon of moonshine. Any citizen who

steps on another’s toes may be shot, with the privilege of apologizing

thereafter. If a citizen leaves home half-shot and is found on the

street a short time thereafter, full of buckshot, it is his fault and

his relatives are not allowed to shoot more than 17 suspects in their

efforts to find the guilty person. Exchange.

The Midway Colored High School will hold commencement exercises at

Collins Opera House on May 3, according to Prof. Breckinridge.

April 27, 1922… The frost of Saturday night killed grapes, some

cherries, some plums and other fruits.

The auto-bus which has been operating between this city and Lexington

has been suspended for lack of support by travelers.

Hardin Field Jr. has been elected president of the YMCA to succeed J.

Andrew Cain, who expects to leave Versailles soon.

The architect has completed the plans for the new Methodist church and

work should be starting soon.

City Board of Education in Versailles has elected Prof. J. Paul Beaman

as superintendent of the grade and high schools to succeed Prof. R.G.

Lowry, who resigned.

Little Margaret Walker, daughter of R.M. Walker of Elm Street in

Versailles, broke her left arm while at play Tuesday.

The senior class of 20 young women of K.F.O.S. left Friday for spring


Dick Alexander, 16 year old son of Dr. A.J.A. Alexander, who attends

Massie School in Lexington, suffered a broken arm while playing there


The masthead says that the Blue Grass Clipper was established on Aug. 3,

1875. The office is located on Railroad Street.

In World War I, Germany lost 1,808,548 killed and 4,246,779 wounded.

Total German losses of life were about 12,000,000 and there were about

13,000,000 men under arms.

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