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Clippings from the Blue Grass Clipper

May 16, 1901… Col. William P. Hall, son-in-law of Sen. Blackburn, has

been ordered to the Philippines as Adjutant General. He and Mrs. Hall

have two children, Joe Blackburn Hall and Octavia Hall. Col. Hall has

been in the army for 33 years and for 24 years was on duty on different

forts in the Western plains. He has also been stationed for four years

in Washington and a year each in San Antonio, Atlanta, Puerto Rico and


Dr. Alford Blackburn of Louisville visited relatives near Spring Station

the first of the week.

Miss Anne V. Steele gave a delightful seven-course dinner Tuesday

evening in honor of her charming visitor, Miss Frances Laird of

Philadelphia. Others present were Misses Ethel Witherspoon and

Elizabeth McCabe, Messrs. Francis Douglass, Frank Hawkins, John

Withrow, Albert Sleet, W.B. Cogar and J. Claude Rodgers.

George Kelly, a white man of uncertain origin, took up a notion

Saturday night that Abe Pyne, one of Midway’s most distinguished colored

citizens, was in his way, and at once proceeded upon a war of

extermination. He did not have much luck, however, for Abraham proved

too much for him on a return of courtesies and he was laid out by a blow

on the head. When the matter was disposed of in the police court Monday

morning, Kelly was fined $9 and Pyne $7.

The early risers say there was considerable frost Monday morning. No

damage was done to vegetation, however.

May 18, 1922... Dinners are most frequently given now at Mucci’s

Restaurant and Paris Rossie’s Cafe in Versailles.

Graded school pupils took exams Friday and Saturday for entrance to the

high schools. Exams were held at the YMCA gymnasium and were given by

Supt. M.B. Hifner, Prof. R.G. Lowry and Mrs. John C. Dawson. Fifty-nine

students were examined.

“Go to Sunday School Day” returns indicate a falling off from 1921.

Versailles Baptist led the way with 451.

Jesse Bason, Ernest Collins and Maria Collins were arrested Tuesday for

illegal possession of whiskey. Bail was set at $300.

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