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November 9, 1899... The U.S. population in 1850, was 23,191,876; in 1860, it was 31,433,321; in 1870, it was 38,550,371; in 1880, it was 50,155,783; and in 1890, it was 62,622250. Estimates of what the 1900 census will show range from 72,500,000 to over 80,000,000 President Paul Kruger, of the Boer Republic, is a rather feeble old man now but still the greatest orator in his country and respected and revered by his people. He is six feet tall, with abnormally long legs, huge hands, feet and ears. He once outran a horse for 100 yards. In his youth, he was a wonderful horseman; his feats of equestrianism almost equaled those of a circus rider. It is said of him when young he could stand on his head on a galloping horse, holding on by the stirrup straps. He is intensely religious, confirmed by an American missionary, and knows the Bible from cover to cover, and has a text for every day in the year and for almost any occasion. The Boer War in South Africa, between Great Britain and two Dutch republics, has already produced at least five battles involving about 2,150 British troops and some 1,650 Boers. Casualties have been much heavier among the British, approximately 832 to only 52 among the Dutchmen. The Clipper headlines election results as follows: Kentucky sure for Goebel; legislature safely Democratic. Woodford also Democratic. The unofficial state count gives Goebel a margin of between 3,000 and 4,000 over the Republican candidate for governor, Attorney General Taylor. Former Governor John Young Brown, who bolted the Democratic ticket, did not carry a single precinct and got less than 10,000 votes in the state. In Woodford, Goebel carried six precincts and polled 1,446 votes while Taylor carried seven precincts and polled 1,398 votes. Brown got 50 votes. For the legislature, German Stout got 1,421 votes to 112 for W.L. Cannon. Goebel’s majority was 48 and Stout’s was 109. The municipal election in Midway produced the following, with the six having the highest total being elected: D.T. Wilson 6, George Wise 54, Charles Nave 55, C.J. Weisenberger 54, R.K. Combs 50 and R.W. Hicks 50. Other votes cast included 14 for W.G. Lehman, two for Dr. W.E. Sleet and one for J.M. Wheeler. Gov. William O. Bradley placed Louisville under martial law and mobilized state troops to control any outbreaks of violence during the election. Democrats criticized the Republican administration for this move. November 10, 1921… The following officers were elected without opposition last Saturday: State Sen. Thomas R. Welch,  Circuit Judge Robert L. Stout, Commonwealth’s Attorney Victor A. Bradley, Circuit Clerk Claude A. Witt, County Judge Robert S. Hawkins, Sheriff Frank Bohannon Sr., County Clerk John M. Gray, County Attorney Will E. Jesse, Tax Commissioner John W. McCabe, and Jailer Mrs. Ida  F. Edger. Richard Godson was reelected Midway police judge by a large majority. David J. Howard was elected representative by 117 votes and the Midway mayor and council were reelected without opposition. Charles Cohen, Lexington shoe store owner and son of Mary Cohen of Midway, shot and seriously wounded Joseph William Porter, 59, son of Mrs. Nannie Porter, former K.F.O.S. health officer. Porter had been appointed receiver for Cohen’s store and Cohen was said to be drinking and upset over his financial reversals. Midway defeated Georgetown 26-0 Friday as Littrell scored three touchdowns of 50 to 60 yards each and McKinney kicked two field goals. Carlisle is the next opponent. Kenneth D. Alexander, former master of Woodburn farm, has closed out his entire thoroughbred horse holdings. John H. Morris has purchased most of the Alexander horses, and so far as is known, Woodburn now ceases to be a thoroughbred racing plant for the first time in more than 100 years. Trevisco, The Test and Ireland, and seven mares and weanlings are among the horses sold. Dr. W.E. Sleet died Friday in Louisville of a cerebral hemorrhage. He had been in declining health. He was 62. He came to Midway about 35 years ago and had a large practice. He served two terms on the city council. He was buried in Midway. The fifth annual roll call for the Woodford Red Cross Chapter begins on Armistice Day. Mrs. Claude Williams is county chairman, Miss Mattie Hughes is in charge of the Midway district and Miss Kittie Baird has been engaged as public health and welfare nurse. The Versailles grand jury indicted Mayor Harry C. Taylor, Jonathan H. Berryman, T. Wiley Edwards and James H. Frazier, councilmen, for misfeasance in office, claiming they failed to attend a meeting on the question of issuing bonds to complete water works and thus imperiled the health of the citizens of Versailles. Versailles High lost to Lancaster Friday by 19-0. The Rev. M.D. Austin surprised his Baptist congregation by tendering his resignation last Sunday.

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