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Clippings from the Blue Grass Clipper

May 30, 1901… Quite a number of the pupils and four of the teachers from

the Versailles Public School attended the annual Blue Grass Tournament

at Lancaster last week. The pupils did themselves great credit as well

as their teachers by winning nine out of the 14 contests in which they

were entered. Miss Anne Crenshaw was awarded first prize in oral

spelling under the age of 15 years, elementary algebra and second in

grammar. She also received a scholarship to the State College for

winning the greatest number of contests. Miss Crockett Henry was awarded

first prize in spelling, Miss Edith Crenshaw first prize in mental

arithmetic, Miss Merietta Cassady first in public oral spelling, Emilius

Morancy first in history and Bright Taylor first in spelling.

Miss Sophonisba Breckinridge, daughter of Col. W.C.P. Breckinridge, who

was already a bachelor of science in Wellesley College and a master of

science in the University of Chicago, was given the degree “Doctor of

Philosophy,” passing the exams magna cum laude, by the latter

institution last week. It will be remembered that she was examined by

the Kentucky Court of Appeals and was the first woman lawyer who became

a member of the appellate bar and is the only woman whose name is borne

on the list of lawyers at the Fayette County Bar.

Midway winners at the Blue Grass Tournament at Lancaster included Kitty

McMullen for English grammar, Lawrence Davis for geography, Elsie

Weisenberger for rapid calculation, Robert McMullen for trigonometry,

Robert McMullen for civil government, Maner Wallace for physiology, and

Finley Hopkins tied with Versailles for second in written spelling.

Sallie McMullen also won second for Higher Arithmetic.

The first commencement of Midway Graded City School will be held at

Collins Opera House on Monday evening, June 10, 1901. Robert J.

McMullen will be the only graduate to receive a diploma. State Supt. of

Public Instruction H.V. McChesney will deliver the address.

Mrs. Sallie Branham’s residence on Higgins Street is nearing completion

and will shortly be occupied by Frank Merrill and family.

Regular ministers now are McMullen, Presbyterian; McGlothlin, Baptist;

and Kemper, Christian.

Robert E. Lee most admired Alexander Campbell of all men in his time.

A Louisville judge has declared that electric rapid transit companies do

not have the right of eminent domain to condemn land. This, unless

changed, knocks out the proposed inter-urban lines.

June 8, 1922… Twenty young ladies graduated at the 72nd annual

commencement of K.F.O.S.

J.W. Parrish announces that he is reopening the picture show and will

present free movies on the first three nights to give everybody a chance

to see the place and enjoy the pictures.

Kentucky Utilities has just installed three 75 kw transformers at the

Phosphate Plant, Wallace’s Station.

Ben T. Hackney, clerk at Howard Bros. Store in Versailles, found a

six-inch spread Tarantula when opening a bunch of bananas. He captured

it and put it in a fruit jar.

Stanley Hughes, electrician, has established a radio plant at the

electric store of A.D. Hughes on Main Street in Versailles, and is

nightly receiving wireless telephone messages.

Edwards and Reid, the icemen, have erected a storage and salesroom

facing Rose Hill in Versailles.

Mrs. Nancy Morgan, 84, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. R.J.

(Riley Jackson) Lewis on McCracken Pike Monday night.

A fire badly damaged the home of M.T. Martin on Douglas Avenue in


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