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Clippings from the Blue Grass Clipper

June 6, 1901… The Board of Education of Versailles met last evening to

elect teachers for the public school for the coming year and no change

was made in the teachers of the past year.

Mr. and Mrs. W.D. Offutt have sold their residence on Winter Street to

the Rev. M.D. Clubb for $2,500. This is one of the most convenient and

desirable pieces of property in the city.

S.D. Pinkerton, C.H. Morgan, H.A. Daniel and P.P. Parrish have been

assigned to duty at S.J. Greenbaum Distillery this month.

B. Board made an assault upon Conductor Hutchinson of the Southern

Railway at this place on Wednesday night of last week, which came near

putting an end to that popular official’s life. When the train pulled up

to the platform, Board came up to the car and blocked the way of

passengers who were getting off. The brakeman asked him to get out of

the way, he cursed him and drew a knife. Capt. Hutchinson, who was on

the platform as he came down, asked him what he was going to do with the

knife, when Board suddenly slashed him on the head, cutting a gash about

two and a half inches long. Capt. Hutchinson seized the man’s arm, the

latter struggling furiously all the while to use the knife again, and

held on to him which prevented him from being cut to pieces by the

infuriated man. Board was arrested and indicted Friday by the grand

jury, tried Tuesday and sentenced to five years in the penitentiary.

Blackberries are in bloom and indicate a plentiful crop.

Summer has really come. Those who have been fussing about the cold

weather now will begin kicking because it’s so hot.

June 15, 1922… Rev. E.B. Kemm and others protested against the granting

of a license to a carnival, which is currently appearing in Midway. Upon

questioning, Mayor Richardson said that all councilmen had been polled

and that, while not unanimous, the vote was in favor of granting the

license. The informal poll was the customary way to handle such a thing.

Police Judge Godson, a lawyer, said it is subject to ratification. Rev.

Kemm then demanded the carnival be sent packing and got a large

applause. Rev. S.M. Logan then echoed Rev. Kemm’s remarks. Rev. R.C.

Gresham then spoke in opposition to the carnival. Mr. Godson then said

the action was legal and that the practice had been followed for years.

A.B. Rumley then said the carnival was a disreputable bunch and should

be told to leave. Mayor Richardson urged Rumley or anyone then to sign a

complaint. Prof. McChesney then spoke and defended the council and said

the information would be valuable for another time. He said the council

couldn’t act on heresay evidence. Rev. Kemm then said that he resented

the implication in the remarks of Prof. McChesney. L.F. Sutherland,

councilman, then said that none of the preachers had had a thing to say

to him about it. Then the meeting adjourned.

The Marrieds defeated the Singles by 10-9 Friday with Mayor Richardson,

Tom Roach, Tom May, Wheeler, Lee Osbourne and the Rev. Gresham among the


The Central States Shows, a carnival, opened for a week’s stand on

Railroad Street near the L&N Depot.

The Majestic Pool Parlors will open June 15 in the Masonic Temple.

Miss Ida Kenney Risque is a member of the Kappa Sigma camp at “Bide-a-Wee.”

D.M. Adams has sold out his grocery on Railroad Street to Messrs. Kirk

and Barnes.

Mrs. Charles Donovan will have charge of the clubhouse at the Clifton

Country Club, which will have its formal opening June 15. For the last

20 years, Mrs. Donovan has conducted the Donovan Hotel in Midway.

Redpath’s Chautauqua will open its annual entertainment in Versailles on

July 29 through Aug. 3. The tents will be on the public school ground.

Ernest McWilliams,26, bookkeeper, and Miss Kathleen White, 22, daughter

of G.W. White, were married Saturday by Dr. Edens of the Baptist church.

Bohannon Jr., son of the sheriff, who was motoring through several of

the eastern states with his wife and Mr. and Mrs. Reginald Ryley, met

with an accident at Hudson, N.Y., when on their way home they narrowly

escaped being crushed by a fast express train. He jumped to escape, as

he thought, certain death. He was cut about the head and face and was

otherwise bruised and hurt, but not seriously. He will be in a hospital

for a week. The others escaped injury.

The six VHS graduates are Ethel Carr, Mary B. Hackney, Sara Wilhoit,

Ruth Owens, and Edwin and Louis Jesse.

Mr. and Mrs. J. Andrew Cain are removing next week to live in Lawrenceburg.

Porter Singleton, one of our best known contractors, was instantly

killed Wednesday morning by a fall from the attic of a house he was

building. He fell on his head, breaking his neck and dying instantly.

Judge Alfred Hurst Nuckols, former county judge and son of Mrs. Charles

Nuckols, died Thursday after an illness of more than a year. He is

survived by three brothers, Charles, Samuel C. and Horace; and two

sisters, Miss Minnie and Mrs. Ada Crenshaw.

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