• John McGary, Woodford Sun Editor

‘I just like to play with fire’, Woodford County woman makes repeat appearance on “Forged in Fire”

JENNIFER LYDDANE, shown here with her husband Jody in their backyard shop, is a contestant on The History Channel’s “Forged in Fire” show for the second time. (Photo by Hannah Segura)

For the third time in less than three years, a Lyddane is a contestant in The History Channel’s “Forged in Fire” series. Jennifer Lyddane filmed the episode (or episodes, depending on how she fared in Wednesday night’s show) last December in Connecticut. Her husband Jody Lyddane, a former farrier, took up bladesmithing several years ago and appeared on “Forged in Fire” in December 2018. This edition of the show is different, with eight contestants taking part in duels, two per episode, and the winners going for the prize in the third episode (Wednesday, April 7) – to be named the show’s Second Chance Tournament champion, she said. Each episode begins at 9 p.m. “When I went on the first time, I went to redeem my husband’s blade (which had broken). … I was not able to complete my handle … so I was asked to come back and compete for a second chance to redeem my own blade,” Lyddane said. Jennifer said her interest in the old art grew after she and Jody attended a blacksmithing/bladesmithing event in Southern Ohio – where they celebrated their 12th wedding anniversary together – and she began working in their backyard shop shortly afterwards. She was a show contestant last July. “It’s just been three years of personal growth,” she said of her new hobby. “If you do something long enough, you’re going to eventually get better, and if you really enjoy it, you’re going to get a lot better.” Lyddane said Jody was asked to return for the Second Chance Tournament, but his work as a Kentucky Army National Guard officer prevented him from doing so. “It’s still a hobby for me – I don’t take knife orders or do anything like that. When I make something, I’ll put it on our website … but Jody is the real mastermind behind the blade-making. I just like to play with fire,” she said, laughing. Asked whether the saying, “The couple that forges together, stays together” (not including those who forge checks or money) applies to them, she laughed again. “I hashtag that (use the phrase on social media posts) all the time,” she said.

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