• Bob Vlach, Woodford Sun Staff

Kains give SUV to Woodford couple facing health crisis

MICHAEL McINTOSH accepted the keys to an SUV from Bob Kain, general manager of Jack Kain Ford in Versailles. The Kain family donated the car to McIntosh and his fiancé, Emily Saderholm, so they’ll have reliable transportation to Indiana University Medical Center, where she will get a liver transplant. From left are Pat Kain, Jack Kain, McIntosh and Bob Kain. (Photo by Bob Vlach)

Woodford County Library’s adult services librarian, Emily Saderholm, and

her fiancé received an SUV from Jack Kain Ford last week.

The 2011 Dodge Nitro will provide the couple with reliable

transportation to Indiana University Medical Center, where Saderholm

will receive treatment and a liver transplant. She has been diagnosed

with JAK2 genetic mutation that causes blood clotting issues that

necessitate a transplant, according to a press release from Jack Kain

Ford in Versailles.

Having lost two sisters to a rare liver disease after both were not able

to get transplants, McIntosh’s plea for help to get reliable

transportation “really resonated with us,” said Bob Kain, general

manager of Jack Kain Ford.

“It’s a very special day, I know for Mike and Emily, and also Jack Kain

Ford,” he said, “that we can help our community and help great people

like this in a time of need.”

He then turned to McIntosh and handed him the keys to the SUV.

McIntosh said his grandmother in Breathitt County always told him the

highest compliment you can give to someone like the Kain family is to

tell them, “They’re good people.”

“They’re amazing people. And it tugs at your heartstrings. A very

emotional time and you’re just awesome folks,” he said.

During an interview after he officially received the keys to the Dodge

Nitro SUV from Jack Kain Ford’s Back Row Joe inventory April 2, McIntosh

told the Sun that he was hoping for a discount on a vehicle, but never

anticipated being given one.

“I was … flabbergasted,” McIntosh said. “… This is beyond awesome.”

During his eight years living here, McIntosh said he’s come to

appreciate this community and people like the Kain family who live here.

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