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Public Records - May 6

By Woodford Sun Staff

District Court

April 26

Mary Jane Phelps, judge


Speeding – Rebecca M. Barnes, $143 plus state traffic school; Alejandro

M. Bobadilla, Drive Safe Kentucky; James E. Brenner, $143 plus state

traffic school; Teresa L. Chinn, Drive Safe Kentucky; Kayla A. Coffey,

combined with no operator’s license and failure to produce insurance

card, $198; Neal T. Donhoff, $143 plus state traffic school; Greg T.

Dumas, combined with operating on suspended/revoked operator’s license,

$431; Gracie M. Edelen, combined with no operator’s license in

possession, $223; Maryann M. Franco, $143 plus state traffic school;

Nicole T. Maher, Drive Safe Kentucky; Joseph K. McCaleb, $143 plus state

traffic school; Colin J. McGowan, Alive at 25; Wayne M. Raider, $143

plus state traffic school; Aaron M. Ray, Drive Safe Kentucky; Ashley N.

Ridgell, Drive Safe Kentucky; Lesly L. Rivera, combined with no

operator’s license and failure to produce insurance card, $793; Sheba M.

Siddiqui, $143 plus state traffic school; Ankita Singh, Drive Safe

Kentucky, Macey D. Smith, $143 plus state traffic school; Randall L.

Spinks, $198; Stacey A. Springer, Drive Safe Kentucky; Erica V. Stewart,

$143 plus state traffic school; David A. Stomberger, Alive at 25; Vance

J. Waide, $143 plus state traffic school; Amberlee T. Wilkins, $198;

Tracy D. Yates, $143 plus state traffic school.

Operating on suspended/revoked operator’s license – Amia Bishop, $343;

Josue Dimas, $343; Frances White, $393; Ethan Wyrick, combined with

careless driving, $393.

DUI – Jeffrey E. Brillowski, $793.

Failure to file accident report – Sidney M. Brisco Jr., $243.

No tail lamps – Johnny L. Kendrick, combined with all other traffic

offenses not listed, $260.50.

Failure to wear seatbelt – Jesse C. Muncie, $25.


Possession of marijuana – Zachary Stocker-Parks, address unavailable,

combined with disregarding stop sign, $285.50; Allie N. Tracy, address

unavailable, $260.50; Billie Turner, 421 Elkton Place, Midway, $260.60.

Assault, fourth degree, domestic violence (minor injury) – Joseph

Eustice, 118 Queensway Drive, $235.50 plus 90 days, serve 30 with credit

and balance probated for two years.

Criminal mischief – John N. Bosco, Nashville, Tenn., combined with DUI,

possession of open alcoholic beverage in a motor vehicle and failure of

owner to maintain required insurance, $2,445.50 plus four days with credit.

Alcohol intoxication in a public place – Mark S. Thomas, 222 Lexington

Road, $200.50.

Police Reports

Versailles police responded to seven non-injury vehicle accidents,

issued one citation/summons and made one arrest.

On April 26, a Jeep Grand Cherokee driven by Daniel W. Roberts, 30, of

Chicago, was in the drive-thru lane at the Blue Whiskey liquor store on

Lexington Road when he was observed having an apparent seizure.

Witnesses tried to help him, but the vehicle drove forward and through

the garage behind the store. He was taken to UK Chandler Hospital.

On April 20, an identity theft was reported by a Germany Road resident.

On April 30, a citation/summons was issued on Garnett Court for

possession of marijuana, disregarding a stop sign and no operator’s license.

On April 28, police made an arrest at a Woodson Drive home for violation

of a Kentucky EPO.

On April 27, theft by deception involving $25,000 was reported by a

Gaybourne Way resident.

On April 22, a vehicle was reported leaving the scene of an accident on

Watts Ferry Road.

Fire Reports


Firefighters made six EMS assists and installed smoke detectors in one

home and a car seat in one vehicle from April 27 to May 3.

On April 28, they responded to a fire alarm at a High Street home.

On April 29, they responded to a fire alarm at Margaret Hall Manor, a

malfunctioning smoke detector at a Highview Drive home, and a fire alarm

at Daisy Hill Senior Living.


Firefighters made two EMS assists from April 27 to May 3.

On April 28, they responded to a natural gas leak on Bayberry Road and

checked a controlled burn on Germany Road.

On April 29, they responded to a house fire on Frankfort Road.

On May 1, they responded to an alarm set off by burnt food on Deerfield


Public Records


Michael Boone vs. Hans Family Trust, et al., for $84,250 plus property

mortgage, interest, costs, expenses and attorney fees claimed due on a debt.

Patricia Malinowski vs. Brett M. Schonebeck, et al., for support for

minor child.

Ally Bank vs. Nine 4 Life, Inc., et al., for $34,324.28 plus charges,

late charges and attorney fees claimed due on a debt.

UK Federal Credit Union vs. Trey S. Vonasek for $12,386.51 plus

interest, charges, fees, attorney fees and filing costs claimed due on a


Megan Love-Hall vs. Mathew C. Smelley for custody of minor children.


Tracy Lynn Tipton to TRK Properties, LLC (Tracy Lynn Tipton, sole

member), 131 Gormley Drive, $1, quitclaim deed.

Paul Claude Krueger to Melissa Ann Krueger, 180 Ridge View Road, other

consideration, quitclaim deed.

Anne Haley Addams and Isaac Buchanan Addams to Phylis Pendleton and

Jeffery Pendleton, 628 Deerfield Drive, $238,000.

Janelle A. Whiteman and Corey M. Whiteman to Shane Bryant Oxendine, 389

Gleneagles Way, $263,500.

Mark A. Drury and Susan Turner Drury to Brian R. Bicknell and Ali Mae

Drury Bicknell, 703 Dry Ridge Road, other consideration.

Michael L. Jackson and Shelia Jackson to Commella Cottages, LLC (James

R. Mitchell, member), 203 Church Street and .75-acre lot on Huntertown

Road, $120,000.

Michael J. Bryant to Sean Gregory Gresham and Christina Gresham, 788

Marcella Street, $135,000.

Jocelyn A. Roper to Shayanne Nicole Fields and Austin Joseph Fields, 432

Davistown Road, Midway, $219,500.

Margaret R. Enlow to Barry M. Boston and Robbie R. Boston, 103 Locust

Grove Lane, $333,575.

Lucy Annette Cain and John M. Cain to Michael M. Cain and Sarah R. Cain,

3220 Paynes Mill Road, other consideration.

Manfred M. Marotta and Violet Marotta to Matthew Ryan Van Hauter and

Jennifer Van Hauter, 409 South Gratz Street, Midway, $217,000.

David R. Brennen and Claire A. Brennen to Darrell G. Allen and Ruth A.

Allen, 812 Eagle Crest Drive, $300,000.

Samantha Laffoon to Malcolm Sean Endicott, 424 Barroway Lane, $1 and

other consideration.

Helen Hutcherson to Tammy Joleen Hutcherson Moore, 180 Gleneagles Way,


Ancel M. Brown to Vladimir Svintozelsky, 4194 Delaney Ferry Road, $250,000.

Jessica Watkins to Angelo G. Capria, 261 Macey Avenue, $140,000.

Loretta D. Leach to Victoria Katelyn Cresap and Wesley Lee Cresap, 154

Bayberry Road, $236,000.

Warren C. Bellamy and Martha Jo Bellamy to Carl Joseph McEntee and

Rachel Marie McEntee, 2101 Carpenter Pike, $475,000.

Brian P. Scheper and Rebecca R. Scheper to Janelle Anna Whiteman and

Corey Michael Whiteman, 109 Gleneagles Way, $385,000.

George Derrick Reeves and Angela Reeves to Derrick Brice Reeves, 2339

Cummins Ferry Road, $315,000.

BC Frye, LLC to Susan L. Rice and Alexander T. Ferrero, 845 Mildred

Street, $175,000.


Michelle Ann Evans and Gregory Manuel Donoho; Jasmine Marie Ross and

Kevin Trace Wilson; Debra Ann Osborne and William Jonathan Haynes;

Ashleigh Elizabeth Sleiman and Daniel Andrew McHenry.

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