• Bob Vlach, Woodford Sun Staff

Taylor Manor Nursing Home residents, staff receive vaccines

PAT MATTHEWS held her daughters, Betsy Anderson, left, and Sarah Turner, by the hand for the first time in about eight months. In-person visits are not allowed at Taylor Manor and other long-term care facilities to help prevent nursing home residents from contracting COVID-19 in the midst of the pandemic. (Photo submitted)

With the cooperation of staff, residents and their families, Taylor Manor Nursing Home hasn’t had an outbreak of COVID-19, according to administrator Sister Mary Faustina. She said everybody has been wearing their masks, and with regular testing and a lot of hard work, Taylor Manor has kept its residents safe since the pandemic began spreading across the United States in March. “We have been blessed the entire time,” said Faustina. She said no residents, only two staff members, including a nurse, and one outside contractor have tested positive for the virus since March. With so many long-term care facilities hit really hard by COVID-19, “it’s really been a blessing,” she said. “I think God’s been keeping an eye on us …” Faustina credited everyone wearing masks for making a huge difference in limiting the spread of the virus at Taylor Manor. A clinic at Taylor Manor on Dec. 30 when about 80 residents and staff received their first doses of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine gives Faustina hope that in-person visits can soon be allowed in the rooms of residents again. “It’s just been so long. It’s almost been a year,” she said. “That’s our ultimate goal,” she added, “is to get back to some sort of normalcy for the family and for the residents … We know the importance of the families … of them being here with their loved ones.” One of the most significant sacrifices made by residents and families since the pandemic began in March is not seeing each other in-person, according to Faustina. She said besides being able to see their moms and dads through windows, loved ones can now hold hands with a resident using replaceable gloves attached to clear plastic curtain barrier. “It’s the only contact they get with their loved one. And, I think, that’s the hardest part for all of us,” said Faustina. Sarah Turner said she and her sister, Betsy Anderson, hadn’t held their mom Pat Matthews’ hands in about eight months when they visited her through the curtain. “… We could tell that she was very happy to see us and have that important physical contact that had been missing during the pandemic,” wrote Turner in an email. “The hardest part about this situation is not getting to interact with our loved ones, and Taylor Manor made that possible.” One older resident doesn’t talk much, but when he saw his wife through the plastic curtain and held her hand, he was able to give her that same wink she remembers him giving her during their life together, Faustina said. She said families have been “wonderfully cooperative” in understanding why safety measures are in place to help keep their loved ones healthy in the midst of a pandemic. She is also optimistic about the recent COVID vaccine clinic being a difference-maker in the days to come. About 95 percent of Taylor Manor’s residents and 50 percent of its staff received COVID vaccines from a team provided by the CVS Pharmacy in Versailles, Faustina said.

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