• John McGary, Woodford Sun Editor

Tourist Commission gets digital marketing pitch

The Woodford Tourist Commission’s monthly meeting Friday, April 16, at

the Woodford County Chamber of Commerce featured presentations from

representatives of digital marketing firms hoping to sign a deal with

the group.

Chad Aull and Travis Scott discussed methods of geo-caching and

geo-fencing that enable companies to capture Internet Protocol (IP)

addresses of smart phones within designated boundaries.

“Let’s say you wanted to focus on something in Midway, or people that

had been in Midway. You could draw a geographical boundary within a

couple of hundred yards of downtown Midway, and then anyone who walked

in with a smart phone or a tablet device, that geo-caching or (a)

geo-fence would capture the IP address of that actual machine … and it

would register that IP address. If you said, for the next three months,

‘We want to capture all those addresses,’ we would keep a running log of

all those IP addresses to get ready for the advertising campaign three

months from now for your event,” said Aull.

(The addresses of the minority of people without data packages on their

device who aren’t using its WiFi can’t be gathered in this way.)

In response to a question from commission member Aaron Smither, Scott

said a “bubble” could be put around Keeneland and the IP addresses

gathered there eventually used for mass advertisements.

Commission member Cortney Neikirk joked that it was a form of stalking

and other members seemed to agree.

Aull said American Rescue Act funds available soon can be used to

support local tourism. Commission Chair Maria Bohanan said the

commission received no money federal Cares Act funds via the county and

cities and called the presentations the best they’d heard yet.

No action was taken.

Video campaign

Members voted unanimously to pay Cooltucky Creative $1,500 for 13 more

weekly episodes of “What’s Up, Woodford?” videos over the next three

months. The programs, which include a segment highlighting commission

initiatives called “Woodford Weekends,” are streamed on the commission’s

YouTube channel, Facebook page and several other social media sites.

The show’s owner and creative director, Cory Cooley, said the themes

will parallel existing commission marketing campaigns, and Bohanan said

the plan is to highlight a different local restaurant every other week.


Members unanimously approved financial statements for the year-to-date

and quarter ending in March.

Bohanan discussed the impending move of the commission and Woodford

County Chamber of Commerce to the Moore Building at 126 South Main

Street. She said the cost will be $2,300 per month, with the chamber

paying $800 of that.

Horse farms mural

With $7,500 from the City of Versailles still available for artwork

promoting tourism, Bohanan said some of the funds could be used to touch

up two of the 12 horse farm silks painted on Lexington Street in

December 2019. Member Lee Howard said he didn’t like the fact that some

of them were already faded.

The artist, Stephen Sawyer, told the Sun that only the Margaux Farm

silk, on the bottom row next to the Cornerstone Pharmacy entrance, had

faded, which was due to the lavender and salmon-pink colors not being

especially light-fast. He said he planned to touch that up soon without

charge, unless the paints involved were extremely expensive, in which

case he’d ask for expenses, but donate his labor.

Bohanan also said a life-sized horse statue presently in the chamber’s

boardroom will be installed in front of the Moore building and repainted.

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