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The Woodford Sun: Established 1869

The Woodford Sun began publication in January of 1869.

Clarence Greathouse and Captain Henry McLeod produced the first issue of The Woodford Weekly, as it was then known, and the paper later was published by J. J. Hayes. In about 1875, Daniel M. Bowmar Sr. and others bought the The Woodford Weekly, but the paper was sold a short time later to the Rev. Benjamin Deering when Mr. Bowmar moved to Chicago to return to the insurance business.

Deering consolidated The Woodford Weekly with The Midway Sun, thereby providing the present name, The Woodford Sun, which then passed into the hands of Samuel Field and Willis Field.

Because of ill health, Mr. Bowmar left Chicago and returned to Versailles in 1881, and on Jan. 1, 1882, again took possession of the newspaper. He continued as its publisher and editor until forced to retire because of ill health in 1885.

His sons, Aitcheson A. and Daniel M. Bowmar Jr., though barely in their teens, took over active operation of the firm and continued to publish and edit The Woodford Sun until the latter’s death in 1942, at which time the paper was sold to A.B. “Happy” Chandler, whose family still owns the paper.

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Ben Chandler


The Chandler family has owned and operated The Woodford Sun for 80 years. Ben and his wife Jennifer have three adult children – Lucie, Albert and Branham. He assumed the position of publisher in January 2022.


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