February 26, 2020

End latter-day Prohibition
Editor, The Sun:
I am so happy our state House of Representatives has passed House Bill 136, a bill that would legalize medical marijuana. Now, onto the Senate.
What we really need is for the next president (whether male or female) to have the guts to end the prohibition on marijuana, like they did with alcohol.  Who are we helping by keeping this plant illegal? Drug cartels, gangs, and pharmaceutica...

Step-countin’, vol. 1.

I have wonderful coworkers, and not just because they occasionally provide column fodder.
Well, partly because of that, and especially today. Here’s an absolutely true tall tale that one of them inspired:
We have two staircases at The Woodford Sun. They are commonly called the front staircase and back staircase, when they’re referred to at all, which isn’t often, save when they’re part of a sentence endin...

Making a difference

I have two new heroes: Joy and Jeff Farmer.
Oh, I already liked them, both for their service as police officers and for the good company they and their friends provided back when The Wolfpack and company gathered at the Kroger liquor store Thursdays for Pint Night.
Then, a week or so ago, I began to follow the tale – no pun intended – the Farmers are sharing of their journey to adopt an abused, frightened do...

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