October 30, 2019

“The Chronicle”
Editor, The Sun:
The Woodford Sun was always present in my house growing up. My parents read it weekly and I always looked forward to making the honor roll, so I could see my name in what my dad affectionately called “The Chronicle.” I had a deep appreciation of The Woodford Sun from a young age, and as my role in the community has changed, that appreciation has only deepened. 
Not only do we depend on the Sun...

A few slices of history

Dear Readers who don’t turn first to the second page (I’m told there are a few of those), which is actually page 6 this week, will quickly notice a certain theme, especially in the B section: history.
With help from the good people of Woodford County, including volunteers at the Historical Society and a talented and tireless freelancer, we’ve produced an issue we hope properly honors some of the people a...

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